Aerokinesis is one of the most common affinities and one of the easiest and most beautiful ones here! (You can tell I'm an air sign...) Feel free to add more techniques and edit this page!

Technique 1: Connecting to the air!

Connecting to the air is very simple,

Focus on the energy inside of your body, feel it flow, then visualise it moving out of your hands into the air and becoming one with the air.

Technique 2: Move A Breeze!

To move a breeze you should first Connect To The Air (see Technique 1)

Once you connect to the air and feel the air starting to move, simply move your arm, you can then chant to yourself, "I am one with the wind and moving it is as simple as moving my hand." Focus and move your hand slowly, you can exhale, since energy follows breath, just keep doing that and focus more if it doesn't work, once you have got good at moving the breeze, use a small box or something to focus the breeze on, as done in this video:



(Heh, its me.)

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